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Inventory Management

With the Hillzdealer, you will breeze through uploading your inventory, scanning the VIN numbers of your cars, pricing them, capturing images, and so on.

Inventory Syndication

Integration and syndication updates and managing your inventory on any classified website without the limitation is available through Hillzdealer.

Vehicle Photo

Other than having full view access of the car images, you can also upload videos and take as many photos of your cars as you wish. Leave the Search Engine Optimization process of your images to us; we will ensure that your content is optimized in order to improve your visibility.

Photo Overlays

Insert watermarks and desired details on your images in a systematic way; easily take photos with your mobile phone and add them to the vehicle’s profile.

History Reports

We know that your customers, vehicles, and lead records are vital parts of your organization, therefore, we provide you with all these necessities and records.

Window Stickers

Easily print and display price stickers for your cars. Our QR code generator takes your customer into a world of information on their desired cars.

Dashboard And Reporting

The main key to growing your business depends on its management. At Hillz we are able to provide you with the best and most user friendly management system as a gift to the directors. You are able to check the status of all your cars at a glance: Inventory tracking , middle of negotiation or financing, no action for a long period, sold, each unit profit, reconditioning and marketing costs, and etc.

Images SEO

Hillz can optimize your images automatically without your involvement; Hillz SEO solutions will expose your dealership to various search engines.

Automatic Video Creator

Are you concerned about creating videos to showcase your cars? Or worried that you may be lacking the technical tools? Through the Hillzdealer, you are able to conveniently create videos by simply clicking a button.

Trade In

We will do our best to turn all your leads into customers. If anyone wishes to trade-in their vehicle, we are able to provide all the platforms for the customer.

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