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We know your businesses accounting is very important. As such, Hillz covers all types of potential expenses to report your profit accurately. A complete dashboard for the manager, specific invoices, and contracts are few of many features. Use them all in the Hillz Accounting Panel.

General Cost

You can view and monitor all your expenses on Hillz accounting, even general expenses.

Vehicle Cost

The cost of a vehicle does not only consist of the cost of purchasing it; there are other expenses associated with it. however, you do not need to worry as our software creates the most complete and convenient method to calculate the exact cost of associated with the vehicle for you.

Repair Cost

To have an accurate account, all costs associated with the vehicle must be taken into account during the calculation process, which is done for you through the Hillzdealer.

Other Cost

In any organization, other costs- known as hidden costs- are always overlooked, which over time has a huge impact on the organization's profit and loss calculations, but nothing escapes the eyes of Hillz system, and all hidden costs are taken into account.

Sales And Profit

We will calculate your profits and expenses accurately so that you can enjoy running your business with peace of mind.

Payment Process

We will manage all tasks associated with client payments and set reminder messages.

Quickbook Integration

Work on the Hillzdealer and see the results in QuickBooks.

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