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Dealer Website

What do you expect from your exhibition site? Beautiful appearance, high-speed, sufficient facilities, a good rate in search engines, car display, or car search? Hillzdealer will meet all these expectations, along with more features customized to your needs.

Responsive Website

The minimum feature that a website must offer is being responsive. At Hillz, we always strive to go above and beyond your expectations. Ask us for details.

Vehicle Detail Page

On this page, we display all the details of the vehicle that is acquired by customers. Hillzdealer displays items that attract customers.

Search Engine Optimization

We optimize all vehicle information for you in order to increase the quality and quantity of your website traffic. Search engine optimization is your trump card for being seen by millions of people.

Deal Driver

We have developed a simple solution for your customers so that they can calculate their financial strength to make a purchase decision. We will strive to convert leads into customers.


We provide live chat for you anytime and anywhere with Hillz Advanced Chat feature; you will be able to stay in touch with your customers and receive very important analytical reports.

Vehicle Finder

If your customers do not have enough time to search your site to find the car they want, they can fill out a simple and valuable electronic form to let you know what they are looking for.


We bring clients closer to you, schedule your appointments, and notify you of appointments from anywhere.

Payment Calculator

We provide your customers with a simple and practical calculator, which will allow them to calculate various types of vehicle installments based on their financial strength.


With practical articles and daily news, we prove to everyone that this site has the support of a professional team.


We use the latest technology in the world to guide customers from anywhere to your dealership.

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