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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management plays a pivotal role in your growth; a positive customer experience promotes loyalty and helps you retain customers. Lead management, traffic, campaign, and etc. can be easily monitored by you.

Lead Management

Any request is important to us. Therefore, we will monitor potential customers who view a car on your site, social network, and digital marketing in order to connect your sellers with them.

Traffic Log

The history of the negotiations between customers and sellers, the expression of interest(EOI), contracts, and etc. will be stored in our system.

Campaign Management

If you have a special deal for your customers at any specific time, you can notify them through our system.

Facebook Messenger Integration

To take advantage of Facebook's features, we will match your site with Facebook Messenger, and you can reply to customers there.

Email And Text Messages

We will inform the customers, sellers, and management of any requests, contracts, appointments, and etc. we will assign a specific email and phone number for you.

Task And Workflow Management

Define tasks for your staff and track tasks to ensure completion through the Hillzdealer task management solutions, which helps you increase your organization's productivity.

CRM Dashboard and Reporting

On the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) dashboard, you will be able to view all the customers, sellers, requests, and etc. You do not need to go into details and spend a long time checking the status of the dealership to be able to plan accordingly.

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